A little about us

Lamia Wilson

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication,” by Leonardo da Vinci.

Lamia believes in a simple modern space interior design, yet eclectic to reflect a spirit of homeowner. Either in a working or household milieu, one strives for a less anxious and more peaceful environment; and what better way to achieve such a comfortable sentiment than a simple space design. Combining a modern, clean and simple space design with soft, comfy material, and eclectic (global, tribal, bohemian, Moroccan) decorative elements; a homey and more relaxed feel can be achieved.

Prior to becoming an interior designer, Lamia had nine years’ experience working in the trade supporting interior designers. While with Lee Jofa at the Boston Design Center and afterward as sole proprietor of Lamia Designer Assistant Services, Lamia was able to learn the trade’s “ins and outs” from some of the best; supporting and helping to find just the right materials (fabric and furniture) for clients’ interior design projects. She mastered the skill of listening to clients and understanding their needs while executing them efficiently. She has earned a BA in Marketing and International Business from the University of Arizona.